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Savoy group is a tier 1 automotive supplier. The group’s activities are divided into four areas: mechatronics, plastic injection, mechanicals and Engineering. Savoy group remains at the forefront of innovation and technological progress and is resolutely committed to the smart industry.

Our commitments

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Savoy is committed to the mobility of its employees by being a member and actor of the carsharing association: Green.

The Klaxit carsharing mobile application is made available free of charge to its employees.

Notre engagement environnement
Respect for the environment

Savoy group is actively committed to respecting the environment. All of its sites are equipped with high-performance filtration systems and a fleet of electric vehicles. Charging stations of New Motion are not only available for employees but just as much for people from outside the company, allowing them to recharge their vehicle.

Knowledge Transmission & Apprenticeship

Savoy is pursuing a strategy of human ressources based on the integration of new participants in work-study and apprenticeship programs, with the aim of reaching 10% of the total workforce with them. We invite you to join the team.

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